Digital Process Analysis System

The working performance of each operator can be videotaped, so you will be able to compare and analyze his/her performance easily.
Therefore, problems can be visualized, and production efficiency increased.

Features of the Digital Product Analysis (DPA) System

  • You can shoot each working performance using a small camera, so it is easy for you to compare and analyze the videotaped performance at once.
  • Time measurement can be conducted using a videotape. Figuring out improvement points clearly is possible by stopping a video, playing a video in slow motion, and changing productivity to numerical forms
  • You can create a worker-machine chart and/or a production leveling table, and you can conduct a work sampling study.

Digital Process Analysis System flow chart

Items that can be improved

1. Sharing the techniques of skilled operators, in order to train beginners

Record the performance of both skilled-workers and beginners using a lightweight and small digital movie camera. Then, improvement points can be visualized by comparing the two movies. Comparing the two movies will hand down special techniques and prevent training differences caused by each instructor in charge, contributing greatly to technique training.

2. Increasing productivity of your factory

Why isn’t the operation improvement successful? One of the reasons is you are trapped by stereotypical views. Comparing the movies will bring the chance to review your factory operations again with a new viewpoint.
Pointing out problems directly to an operator tends to cause emotional trouble. Therefore, if this software points out the problem objectively, every operator concerned will take advice from each instructor or supervisor straightforwardly.

3. This software is now available to industries other than the apparel industry.

A broad range of other industries, as well as the apparel industry, can employ this software. A more practical procedure manual can be made easily by employing still images taken from videos. All you have to do is press a button, in order to insert still images into a PowerPoint file. Thanks to this feature, you can create an instruction manual immediately and effortlessly, and employ it for difficult-to-communicate overseas trainees.

In addition, special specifications for a worker-machine chart, a production leveling table, and a work sampling study are available. Please feel free to contact us.

Main specifications

  • No stop-watch is necessary. There is no difficult computer operation.Time measurements can be conducted directly from videos.
  • Videos are arranged and stored in the database, so all the people concerned can operate this software easily using the same data.
  • The progress of a line balance operation can be verified (simulation).
  • Related materials (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) can be linked.
  • You can search stored video or photo data at once.

Which operation should be improved?
The Inspection Control System finds defects.