Corporate Philosophy

Through our people & technology,
we strive to provide better Products, Service and Quality
and make a positive contribution to
the world of "social development"


  • We deepen exchanges with people throughout the world, and develop reliable business activities. Deploying people and products throughout the world we plan our activities with respect for universal values.
  • Always striving to master Pegasus's core technology we aim for superior global quality manufacturing. Striving to attain the position of the “true, leading manufacturer of chain-stitch sewing machines”, we supply our products at optimum quality, optimum price and with optimum lead times.
  • We always learn from our customers, form their needs into tangible shape, and utilizing this offer services and information. Constantly learning from customers and always maintaining the truth is the spirit that supports all of Pegasus’s business activities.
  • By building on the relations with our associates and employees we aim for mutual growth and development. By the handing down of our predecessors’ originality and ingenuity we oversee the creation of new ideas. And these endeavors lead to personal development of our employees and, needless to say of course, also our associates.


  1. 1. Social Contribution

    1. We contribute to society through our business.
    2. We play an active and positive role in the society as “a corporate citizen,” while harmonizing the benefit of the company with that of the society.
  2. 2. For Customers

    1. We learn from our customers, and offer optimum products and service.
    2. In order to ensure the safety of our products and services, we satisfy legally established safety standards and pursue an even higher level of safety, at every stage of our business activities.
    3. In order to offer high quality products, we always make great efforts to carry out advanced research and development, improve our technology and streamline our technical basis.
  3. 3. Respect for Human Rights

    1. We respect human rights, and eliminate all discrimination and disruptive agents.
    2. We prohibit forced labor and child labor in any form whatsoever.
  4. 4. Respect for Laws

    1. Notwithstanding laws relevant to our business, we have universal respect for the spirit of all laws.
    2. We maintain fair, impartial and transparent relationships, and conduct all business transactions honestly with all the people or organizations that have an interest with the company.
    3. We do not allow our employees to look after their own or the third party interests, against the company’s legitimate interests obtained in fair business and procurement activities.
  5. 5. Respect for Laws and Culture of Individual Foreign Countries

    1. We comply with the laws of individual foreign countries, and respect the culture, customs and religions of people in all regions of the world.
  6. 6. Confrontation against Antisocial Forces

    1. The company rejects any and all antisocial elements, and maximizes efforts to counteract antisocial activities.
  7. 7. Protection of Intellectual Property

    1. We recognize our intellectual property as a significant managerial resource, we utilize and protect their rights while striving to prevent any infringement of the rights of others.
  8. 8. Disclosure of Information

    1. We disclose our business conditions and general activities to our shareholders such as stockholders, associates and customers.
    2. In regard to the transmission of business information, we disclose it correctly and properly on a timely basis.
  9. 9. Environmental Consideration

    1. We try to be aware of the impact our business has on the global environment and promote activities designed to minimize any impact.
    2. We obey international standards, relevant laws and agreements, the guidelines of the industry, and the voluntary standards, etc., which are related to environmental protection.
    3. We contribute to society through our excellent environment-conscious products, and also through the development and provision of services.
  10. 10. Sound Workplace

    1. We maintain a clean and safe working environment, and continuously make conscious efforts to further improve the company workplace.
  11. 11. Respect for the property and information of the company

    1. We manage the property of the company properly according to the company’s in-house regulations, and do not misuse it for private purposes.
    2. We manage the confidential information of the company strictly and do not allow leaks while our employees are in charge of that information or after they have retired.
    3. We do not employ any confidential information of the company improperly or exploit it while our employees are in charge of that information or after they have retired.
    4. We do not use any information acquired as a result of our business operations, obtained from our clients, suppliers or other business associates, except for the proper purposes, and manage all information strictly so there are no disclosures or leaks.
    5. We do not procure confidential information from any our clients, suppliers, other business associates or competitors, etc., improperly, nor do we exploit any information under our control.
  12. 12. Gift-giving and entertainment

    1. We do not provide any money, gifts, entertainment or other economic benefits to public officials or their associates.
    2. We do not provide any money, gifts, entertainment or other economic benefits to foreign public officials or their associates, in order to obtain improper business profits.
    3. We do not provide any gifts or entertainment that are not acceptable according to current social standards to executives or regular employees of our clients or other business associates, nor do we accept any economic benefits that go beyond the bounds of socially accepted limits from our clients or other business associates. We do not accept any economic benefits from our suppliers unless absolutely necessary.
  13. 13. Thorough information dissemination

    1. We keep everyone in the company informed thoroughly about “the action guidelines of PEGASUS GROUP,” and in order to achieve this concept, we are constantly improving the company structure.
    2. We expect our partner companies, including suppliers and sales agents, to understand and agree with the spirit of ““the action guidelines of PEGASUS GROUP.”