World standards Pride of a top brand

Stable technical strength fostered by our 100 years of history.
Numerous creative ingenuities that have been established based on stable technical strength and customer’s voices.
PEGAUS INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE MFG. CO., LTD. has been able to build our position as one of the world’s top brands with the support provided by these two wheels as shown above.

President Mima said:
The biggest reason for what was stated above is that PEGASUS has been focusing on manufacturing industrial chainstitching (Kan-nui) machines for 100 years. PEGASUS’ chainstitching (Kan-nui) machines produce stretchable stitches.
The market is not so large, and we can conduct technological development exclusively. Therefore, it is easy for us to respond to customers’ needs. Thanks to this background, PEGASUS has been able to supply 3,500 kinds of industrial sewing machines.

At first, PEGASUS was a manufacturer of industrial sewing machine parts. However, dealers and users wanted us to develop a complete industrial sewing machine. In response to their requests, we finally succeeded in developing the first industrial sewing machine.
Every staff member working for PEGASUS has a strong passion to solve each single problem reported by our customers and this concept becomes well-established in the company. Therefore, PEGASUS technology is the world standard now.

Advancing to the next step again

Higher and higher levels are demanded for Industrial chainstitching (Kan-nui) machines. Basic capabilities, such as durability and machine speed is increasing as the industry matures, but the apparel industry never stops and keeps running on the leading edge of fashion.

For example, design for stitches
How the stretchability level is increased determines the quality for Kan-nui. In addition to the stretchability, “What the Kan-nui looks like” has gradually become important.

Remembering the development of PEGASUS’ original zebra stitching, Mr. Nagao of the Sales Engineering Department said:
The development of zebra stitching was triggered by a customer who made the uniform for a World Cup soccer. This customer wanted to produce a seam with two colors at the same time. In order to produce this type of seam, the sewing machine sews twice, separately color by color. We tried hard to realize this previously unfeasible idea.
However, I believe that reaching this kind of difficult goal will increase PEGASUS technical strength.

There is another unfeasible idea as well as other things related to sewing.
For example, someone suggested that reviewing the structure of the body frame may decrease assembling operation losses. Someone else said that we have to manufacture a sewing machine running without any oil, in order to eliminate the oil leakage problem completely.

Mr. Koh, who manufactures die casting parts said:
A person who came from an auto parts manufacturer and inspected our operations said in surprise, “The very final processing operation for your products is conducted using your fingers, hands and eyes. Still, the speed is three times as fast as other companies.”

PEGASUS’ flexible mindset changes what was previously unthinkable to the ordinary today.
Stable technical strength handed down for a long time.

PEGASUS has truly started to soar to the sky on its wings.