Creative ingenuity Everything starts from our customers' voices.

PEGASUS is so much higher in terms of the quality of our technology, compared with other companies. This is a big advantage. However, PEGASUS is not satisfied with our present level of technical strength. We will make great efforts to meet the various demands of our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we should soar over stereotyped ideas like a real Pegasus.
Many PEGASUS' staff members visit sewing factories all over the world each year and listen carefully to the voices of our customers. PEGASUS responds to their needs.
PEGASUS conducts creating and designing on a daily basis.

Value-added development by responding to customers' needs separately

The he apparel industry has been advancing rapidly. Sewing factories should be able to handle the new fabrics that appear continuously. Otherwise, they will lose its business.

Mr. Takada, who manages the Sales Engineering Department, said with a bitter laugh:

Sewing factories always work seriously on the fabric to be sewn. They want us to immediately solve problems related to a new fabric.

There are fabrics with full of water absorbability, water repellency and stretchability. There are also extra lightweight and delicate fabrics. Industrial sewing machines in sewing factories have to respond to these fabrics in a second.

Mr. Takada said:
Adjusting each sewing machine according to the fabric is necessary these days. Therefore, it is very important for us to go and provide technical guidance to customers as one of our after-care services.

There are lots of customers who want to employ special sewing methods according to the sewn products.

Mr. Takada said again:
It is difficult for customers to change the sewing machines being used, in order to produce different stitches. In this case, PEGASUS can provide customer support using labor saving devices.
For example, an operator can sew the fabric smoothly using a device that fixes a usually inaccessible area. Even a beginner can sew a difficult-to-sew area effortlessly using this device. We have produced hundreds of such labor saving devices and sent them to various regions around the world.
Some of these devices are introduced as optional devices, and others are built into new sewing machines. These devices can change ordinary sewing machines to machines with special specifications.

Mr.Nagao, a younger staff member, said:
The industrial sewing machine industry has a history of over 100 years. However, the basic concept for industrial sewing machines has not changed significantly. How promptly we can respond to customers' needs in detail becomes competitiveness.

Creative ingenuity!
This is not a tangible or visible aspect, but it naturally comes from our serious response to the requests from all our customers.

Supplying industrial sewing machines that can totally respond to a wide variety of requests

This does not mean that the body of machines can not be changed.

With his eyes shining, Mr. Kuhara of the R&D Department said:
A basic adjustment can be made by the operator in the sewing factory.
This is ideal. Various requests came to us from all over the world. Some customers want more softened stitches, but others want stitches tightened more. Developing our potential for responding to both requests while maintaining basic functions is our goal.

You can arrange one machine as required by attaching the labor saving device you need. Just one labor saving device increases ease of use.
This is possible because PEGASUS provides high quality products and good after-sales technical services.

Mr. Mukai said:
Someone asked me during group discussion, “Which side do you take, between the R&D Department or the Sales Department?” Then I answered, I am always on the side of the customer.”

We can accept his too cool answer naturally because each of the staff members working for PEGASUS shares this idea.

Supporting our customers' production improvements

PEGASUS really has lots of talented people.
Mr. Fukuoka and several other staff members working for the Sales Department visit sewing factories all over the world, and conduct production improvements as well as technical support.

They visit end-users with some staff members of the local agents, and solve various kinds of problems in sewing factories on the spot.

Mr. Fukuoka said:
These problems include sewing machine maintenance, and a customer suddenly asks me to provide a lecture in front of hundreds of people, in order to increase production efficiency.

Only one person often goes there and responds to these requests quickly using his knowledge and his notebook computer in which lots of data is stored.

The factory improvement software of PEGASUS' excellent products wins and grips customers' hearts and minds. Thanks to this software, the production process becomes visible easily, and production control can be digitized. In addition, the operator's performance can be videotaped. Therefore, improvements can be effortlessly found by comparing the operator's performance.

Mr. Fukuoka said:
The performance of a skilled operator and a beginner was compared in a sewing factory using this software. After checking their performance, I told the beginner about the points that should be improved. Then this beginner was able to perform the same operation more quickly than the skilled operator.

This amazing software is still undergoing development, while reflecting requests from sewing factories, and the version is increasingly updated. This kind of production improvement software will soon go on sale in the market. However, various inquiries come from different businesses to PEGASUS these days.

Mr. Fukuoka said:
If you purchase an industrial sewing machine from PEGASUS, you will be able to obtain production improvements. This reputation is going to be established. However, various inquiries come from different businesses to PEGASUS these days.