PEGASUS’ Die-cast Technology

PEGASUS has been supplying quality aluminum die-cast auto parts to the automobile industry with our stable production system since we started this business in 2007.
At present, we are supplying 60 kinds of die-cast products with our unique mold design and casting technology in addition to the processing technology we have been cultivating in the industrial sewing machine industry.

Mold design and casting technology

PEGASUS has developed undercut shape forming technology for producing unique products. Ordinarily, there are only two types of structures employed for molds, movable and fixed. PEGASUS adopted multiple-face structures, so we can respond to difficult and complex forms. In addition, we also combine high quality and productivity by adopting our unique facility throughout the product development process.

Processing technology

PEGASUS has developed unique processing technology, in addition to our casting technology.
Industrial sewing machines run in a range from 6,000 rpm up to 12,000 rpm. In order to produce these kinds of industrial sewing machines, extra-high-precision parts processing technology is necessary. Machining, lathe and tapping operations can be performed additionally on PEGASUS’ die-cast parts using high-precision machines. In other words, PEGASUS can perform an entire range of operations from molding to processing within the company for our customers.

Washing technology

PEGASUS has our own washing facilities, so we can wash plates for electric circuits. This technology prevents electronic circuits from having short circuits that occur due to aluminum powder dust. In addition, PEGASUS employs a packing box that prevents electrostatic discharge, starting immediately when the shipping process starts.


In addition to the technology stated above, PEGASUS has been conforming completely to the strengthened National Environmental Assessment in the People’s Republic of China.