MC device

Elastic feeder with tape cutter/inserter

For defect prevention - Support devices for feed or presser foot

  • Conventionally, this operation requires a high level of techniques. However, the elastic feeder/inserter with tape/thread chain cutter (MC) deskills the operation because it feeds the proper amount of elastic according to the machine speed and the automatic tape/thread chain cutter cuts the elastic based on preset data.
  • Thanks to this device, attaching elastic accurately and uniformly to tubular goods is easy.

Sewing machine models which the device can be installed on

EX(T)5100 series

EX5100 : Cylinder bed overedger

  • Variable top feed
Subclasses Use Maximum speed Fabric weight Remarks
EX5104-D-52D1/333 ・[Use]Attaching tape ・[Maximum speed]7,000 sti/min ・[Fabric weight]Light~Medium ・[Remarks]