mxt series / Solving sewing factory's worries!

PEGASUS proposes
evolutionary overlock

Apparel Market Changes, Increased
Responsiveness to Fashion Trends!
Sewing with the MXT turns regular operators
into skilled operators.

Solving for
Ply shifting & Puckering

Suitable for heavy thick fabric

MXT3244-A04 is ideal for sewing side seams on thick fabrics such as jeans.
Tractor presser enables smooth sewing of stepped sections.

Overedging width is 12mm. 2-needle and 3-needle specifications are available.

2 needles, 5 threads (overedging width:5 mm x 7 mm)
3 needles, 6 threads (overedging width :5 mm x 3 mm x 4 mm)

Super easy adjustment of stitch

Super Easy top feed adjustment!

Both the back and forth movement amounts of the top feed dog can be adjusted easily
using an external lever.
Large and strong strokes are used for sewing heavy weight fabrics
and/or cross seam sections, and small strokes with soft touch are employed for sewing
light weight fabrics.

Solving Sewing factory's worries! mxt Sewing Robot comes to the rescue!

Fashion trends are changing at a dizzying pace due to changes in consumer preferences.
The need to manufacture in appropriate quantities and to respond to small-lot production has become a necessity.

Thanks to its top feed dog calibur, the mxt can meet a different materials of sewing needs.

The efficiency of the sewing line can be improved by MXT into the sewing line.Speedy system changeover and Stable quality and work leveling will increase our ability to handle a wide variety of sewn items.As a result, it can be a great benefit to the sewing factory by appealing to buyers.

Detailed video

To learn more about MXT, watch this video.


MXT Series spec.


Vertical type vacuum thread chain cutter

Presser foot lift

Flat type vacuum thread chain cutter

Pneumatic lint collector

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